With a very pleasant climate in winter as well as in summer Villa Casablanca is situated 400m above sea level on the sunny west side of La Palma and above ‘Todoqué’, a southern district of ‘Los Llanos de Ariadne’.

With a hired car that You will certainly need on this island a lot of useful and worth seeing spots can be reached pretty fast:

  • Shopping:    approx. 1,9 km (in Todoque)
  • Restaurants: approx.  1,9 km (in Todoqué)
  • Los Llanos de Ariadne for shopping, strolling or outgoing, 5,9 km, approx. 12 min.
  • The cute little town of ‘Tazacorte’ for outgoing or shopping, 7,2 km, approx. 12 min
  • Beach for families in ‘Puerto de Tazacorte’, 9,1 km, approx. 18 min
  • Beach of the small seaside resort ‘Puerto Naos’, 6,8 km, approx. 11 min
  • Hiking trails (Caldera / Barranco de las Angustias):  approx.   11,2 km
  • Hiking trails (Caldera / Cumbrecita): approx. 15,2 km
  • The island’s capital ‘Santa Cruz de la Palma’, 27,3 km, approx. 41 min
  • Drive from Airport 30,6 km, approx. 40 min

On the final 280m the access route to Villa Casablanca leads thru a dip and then up again to the compound. The prevalent hire cars of the island dispose of sufficient ground clearance. Ferrari drivers might encounter a problem though…

Address, also for satnav systems:
Camino Los Campitos 94